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Passion of Christ (Biblical Walk Through)

Chapter 1: The Great Battle

Chapter 2: The Prayer of the Agony

Chapter 3: Watch and Pray

Chapter 4: Prophecy Fulfilled:                                                   From Shadows to Reality

Chapter 5: The Arrest

Chapter 6: The High Priest Stood Up

Chapter 7. The Son of Man Finally Speaks

Chapter 8: Peter Denies Jesus

Chapter 9: Judas the Betrayer

Chapter 10: Before Pilate: What is Truth?

Chapter 11: Scourging, Crowing, and the Barabbas Choice

Chapter 12: Ecce Homo: Behold the Man

Chapter 13: Carrying the Cross: Simon of Cyrene. Women of Jerusalem

Chapter 14: The Short Cruicifixion

Chapter 15: Death of the Messiah 

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