Lighthouse Talks Helping Hospitals...

Treating Souls as Well as Bodies!

As a medical professional, you are doing a great job seeing to the health care needs of your patients.  Now you can help them spiritually as well! 



How can Lighthouse work at a hospital?

Simply and effectively!  A Lighthouse Talk kiosk can be placed in your waiting area, providing easy and convenient access to CDs for patients and their family members and friends with very little cost and maintenance for you.  These CD titles can also be beneficial to staff members.  See display options here.  (A kiosk could also be put by the chapel.  I highly encourage one by the main entrances, though, to be able to reach the most people.)


Which titles? 

Any that pertain to suffering and hope and medical situations...

Some suggestions include (but are not limited to):

15 Things to Do in the Midst of Suffering by Jeff Cavins

Aborting America by Dr. Bernard Nathanson

Anger and Forgiveness by Deacon Dr. Bob McDonald

Building Your Life on Rock: Standing Firm in the Storm by Ralph Martin

Can You Trust God by Dr. Tim Gray

Contraception: Cracking the Myths by Prof. Janet Smith

Counting Your Blessings by Dr. Scott Hahn

Desires of the Heart: Receiving the Gifts of the Father by Sr. Bethany Madonna

Feminism Misunderstood: One Woman's Journey to Peace by Jane Brennan

God Will Provide by Kitty Cleveland

Love - Sacrifice - Trust by Fr. Michael Schmitz

Making Sense Out of Suffering by Dr. Scott Hahn

Praying the Rosary Like Never Before by Dr. Edward Sri

Saying Yes to God by Mary Vogrinc

The Healing Power of Confession by Dr. Scott Hahn

The Holy Rosary by Matthew Arnold

The Necessity of Divine Mercy by Fr. Chris Alar

There is Life in the Womb by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

To Hell and Back by Anne Marie Schmidt

Trust in the Lord by Fr. Thomas Richter

Understanding the Lord's Prayer by Dr. Scott Hahn


See many of the CD images above here.

Do I need to rotate titles like recommended for parishes?

No, although you can if you choose.  People rotate through a hospital, so you can pick your favorite titles and simply keep them stocked as people rotate. 


Do you have other ideas to help share the benefits of the CD titles?

Yes.  Give patients and families a flyer with the titles you have on hand. Customize the flyer below.  Encourage people to listen during their stay on CD players provided by the hospital.  Patients (and family members and friends) can also then purchase additional CDs for just $4 to take home and to share with others.


flyer example  (Adjust with the titles you have on hand.  Use the synopses here.)



And just in case you have additional questions.....


Where do you recommend putting the kiosk?

I recommend having the kiosk in a main lobby so that everyone coming and going, patients and family members and guests, see the titles upon entering and leaving the hospital.  Yes, one may think to have the kiosk near the chapel, yet the truth is that a minority of people will visit the chapel and we want to have the CDs reach as many people as possible.  If the hospital would like to have one near the chapel, I’d recommend having the main kiosk in the lobby and having a second side entrance stand near the chapel.  The lobby is visible by a majority and will therefore reach many more people to make an impact in their difficult time.

Are the donations secure?


The kiosk donation box is locked and not easy to access.  If a hospital has the kiosk in a main lobby as recommended above, I believe the donations will be secure.  It will be in a public place within view of the main desk.  I then recommend having a volunteer or someone on staff remove the donations daily.  If you still have concerns, a small sign could be placed on the kiosk saying, “Donations removed daily.”  People will know that they won’t be getting a lot of money for their effort of breaking into a locked box in a visible location.

If we allow Lighthouse items, do we then need to allow other groups to offer items? 

As a Catholic hospital, it is only logical and right to have Catholic outreach items for people who come to the Catholic hospital.  If an organization wants to sell something that is not in line with Catholic teaching, our religious liberties should allow one to say that as a Catholic hospital, we only offer items in line with our Church’s teachings.  If someone who is non-Catholic is a guest or visitor, they know they are entering a Catholic hospital and need not take a CD if they do not choose, although they may sure choose to benefit from a CD such as 15 Things to Do in the Midst of Suffering as well as a Catholic might.

How do Lighthouse Talks compare to outreaches such as Care Notes?

Lighthouse Talks are an excellent complement to Care Notes.  Care Notes give people encouragement in a booklet form.  Lighthouse Talks expand on these topics in a full-length audio talk.  They also reach the many people who choose not to read or who prefer to listen to something as they drive.  People can listen in their room during their hospital stay as well as on their way home from the hospital.  People can be encouraged by another’s testimony such as Kitty Cleveland’s on God Will Provide and hear inspiration such as Dr. Scott Hahn’s on Making Sense Out of Suffering.

If you find any missing or incorrect link, outdated items, or typos,

please let me know.  Thank you for your help!