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ABORTION: The Loss of Our Souls

Abortion has been a part of human sexuality throughout history but has only been legally acceptable in the United States since the Supreme Court's landmark decision in the 1973 court case 410 U.S. 113 - Roe v. Wade. In this case, a pregnant woman's liberty was protected by supporting her right to choose to terminate her pregnancy without excessive government restrictions.


While this in itself went completely against Christian beliefs, the decision also signaled a turning point in the continuing decline of the Judeo-Christian beliefs on which this nation was founded.

There were many additional factors that lead to this point. The sexual revolution of the 60's, Increased use of contraceptive, divorce, media influence especially TV, movies and later the internet, and and overall disrespect of all life has lead us to  loss of family values, grave immorality, and a general belief that God is Dead. 

Over 25 years ago, I read a fictional book called The President by Parker Hudson. In this book, the President of the United States decides to change his State of the Union address to give the REAL state of the country. As a newly reborn, born-again- Christian, he demonstrates how we, as a nation, moved from God's worldview to man's worldview. I have watched over these many years as the fiction became fact and is far worse than author Hudson imagined. We are now at the cliff of the abyss and more than willing to step off without regard for the consequences. 

While God is merciful, loving, slow to anger and offers ample warnings to many in the Old Testament (especially the Israelites), at some point He practices tough love and the consequences of His justice are both dire and terrifying.

It is now time for us to THINK DIFFERENTLY by going back to the root cause of the need for abortion. While I do not believe we would ever eliminate women finding ways to end an unwanted pregnancy, I do believe there is an opportunity for us change the culture of our nation where ALL LIVES are valued from conception to grave but HOW? 

There is a theory called the 3% Critical Mass Theory which hypothesizes that if you want any group to change, then you only need to convince 3% of that population and the rest will follow. With that in the forefront, what do we need to do to change the culture of this country where abortion if not a desirable solution for an unwanted pregnancy, that at the moment of conception a human child is created with the body, blood, soul and divinity of God?


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