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It has been said that while the Catholic Church is very good at catechizing (learning with the head), it fails to foster a true personal, intimate relationship with Jesus (passion with the heart). This is one of the major reasons some Catholics leave the church. Sherry Weddell states in her book Forming Intentional Disciples (Page 125) that, "Catechesis is designed to foster the maturation of disciples, not the initial conversion of those who aren't yet disciples." The journey to Dynamic Discipleship is very different for an infant than for someone who is atheist, or non-Christian, or protestant or a fallen away Catholic.

While catechesis provides learning the foundation of the Kerygma (story of Jesus Christ) and of the tenets of the  Catholic Church, something else occurs first. While a similar modality, the basic foundation begins with watching, and listening, and interacting with others who already demonstrate the traits of a Dynamic Disciple. The person notices something different about these people and wants to know more. That is the beginning of the Journey   to Dynamic Discipleship. For some it may be a short journey, for others a lifelong and on-going search, and for some, it may simply stagnate. Cathy Duffy (Everyday Evangelism for Catholics) and Sherry Weddell suggests the first signpost of that journey involves TRUST. 

(To be continued...)







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