"Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed; for God made man in His own image."

Gen 9:6

Every life is precious. Every person has God's life within him/her. Unlike killing an animal, when man kills another man so too he is killing a part of God and a child is most precious to God. God gives us life and only God can take a life. Abortion is the greatest insult to God and He has promised those who choose to take a life the same end.

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The United States of America has been a Christian nation for over 200 years. The USA was founded on         God's World View as opposed to Man's World view for humankind. God World View is to follow the rules He set out for us to follow in His How-to Live Happily Ever After Manual, the Bible. IF we follow those rules, we benefit both as individuals AND as a society but IF we break those rules, the result is catastrophic as evidenced by studying the Five Cycles of Sin. 

The United States of America has lost it's first love (Rev 2 -3: Letters to the Seven Churches); we have lost our moral compass, we have sinned. At the forefront of our great sins as a nation is the killing of our unborn and now allowing murder even after birth. 


This general refusal to  repent from our sins has not happened overnight but has evolved over time as the American people (including Christians) has moved further and further away from God's World View. 


As some have begun waking up to what is at stake here, there is hope that a more conservative US Supreme Court will reverse the decision of Roe v Wade and ban all abortion. However, abortion has been with human kind from the very beginning and will never go away. Women will  continue to have unwanted pregnancies and women will seek abortion in some form or fashion, legally or illegally. While we can certainly begin to dial back the law to where abortion was acceptable ONLY to save the mother's life, or due to incest or rape, the true solution is to provide a culture of life  where every life matters and is valued from conception to birth.

There are actually                                           but only the above makes the headlines and stirs the emotions. A woman has other choices than abortion: 1) Adoption, 2) Guardianship, or 3) Keep the child. The decision of any of the latter three may leave a mother, especially a single mother, with much hardships socially, economically and emotionally over the pregnancy. Any woman who has been pregnant remembers it is not the easiest time in your life. Many women choice abortion because there are few resources to help them through that 8 - 9 months of pregnancy.

The Gabriel Ministry 

Encouraging Women to Choose Life

The Gabriel Ministry recognizes this challenge and the goal is simply to provide a network, a sisterhood of women to walk the road with the mother-to-be. There are many monetary resources available but the sisterhood is the support that most of us have had during our pregnancy. 

This is how we create a culture of life where there is no longer a need for abortion. It is how we walk a different type of Emmaus Road by simply being there for another when needed the most.

For more information, go to http://www.gabrielproject.org/contact.html. If you would like to help form or join a local group, please contact wanda.lighthouseideas@gmail.com.

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