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Divine Mercy Sunday!


"Jesus Christ is the face of the Father's mercy."  - Pope Francis

Highlight the CDs:


  7 Secrets of Divine Mercy by Vinny Flynn


Chaplet of Divine Mercy in Song by Vicki Kueppers


The Miracle of Divine Mercy by Kitty Cleveland

(the chaplet sung)


The Necessity of Divine Mercy by Fr. Chris Alar

The Saving Power of Divine Mercy by Fr. Jason Brooks 

(a talk on Divine Mercy with the chaplet prayer as a bonus)


The Second Greatest Story Ever Told 

by Fr. Michael Gaitley

Vatican II, Mercy, and You by Fr. Michael Gaitley

We also have a Divine Mercy module that can attach to any Next Generation display and even displays made specifically to promote Divine Mercy  See other displays here.  All items in this display are available to order, including prayer cards and The Diary of St. Faustina.

Yes, this is from the Jubilee of Mercy, yet it includes many great ideas! 

Use Hearts Afire Parish Programs (HAPP) for the Jubilee Year of Mercy!



See this FLYER for

a Parish Guide...


1. Why HAPP for the Jubilee Year of Mercy


2. A Hearts Afire timeline for the Jubilee Year


3. More about how HAPP is a perfect response to our call this year


4. Additional ideas for the Year of Mercy

Also highlight the booklets:

Corporal Works of Mercy

Divine Mercy Explained

Mercy Works

Spiritual Works of Mercy

The Divine Mercy Image Explained

And highlight the books:

7 Secrets of Divine Mercy by Vinny Flynn

Mercy and Hope by Mike Pacer

You Did It To Me by Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC

Also offer prayer cards!

Additional Ideas:

Cover a table with material.

Accent with an image of the Divine Mercy.

Place the CDs and the booklets beside the image.

Add holy cards of the Divine Mercy image.

Add the Divine Mercy novena start date (novena is in the booklet).

Promote from the pulpit and the bulletin.

prayer cards (5 x 7 and 8 x 10):  $20 per pack of 50

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