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Let us walk the Emmaus Road together

I'm not one for making New Year's Resolutions...the ONLY ONE I ever kept was NOT to EVER reply to Publishers Clearing House mail or any other sweepstakes! EVER!

I began my journey from child Catholic to adult disciple (there is a HUGE difference!) at St Alphonsus Church in Ocean Springs, MS (my childhood parish and not far from my current parish). I arrived at daily Mass early and was looking around the displays (St Als has lots!). I was restless. There was something missing in my life. My children were grown with families of their own, only none of them were close by so I really was empty-nested. I had a good marriage, good family, and was not in want of anything, my life was good but...something was missing. Then I found a CD by Scott Hahn called The Fourth Cup. That talk on the Eucharist ignited a fire in my soul like I had never felt before. I wanted MORE!!! I won't go into all the details but suffice it to say I am still on fire and cannot learn fast enough AND I feel a strong need to share as I tend to look at things differently. That trait has worked well for me in my life in so many ways and now I feel God is calling me to use all the talents, life experiences and gifts He has given me to help others find their way. I hope and pray that even if I can touch only one, it is well worth all the time, effort and prayer.

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