YOUCAT and the YOUCAT Prayer Book

An Official Catechism for Young Adults and a Supplement

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Special YOUCAT Prayer Book Pricing

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Straight from the Vatican, this book includes modern prayers, traditional prayers, and the time-honored prayers of Sacred Scripture.  It gives practical advice on how to pray in the morning, in the evening, and in between.

DOCAT and the DOCAT Study Guide

An Official Catechism for Young Adults and a Supplement

DOCAT helps young people know and live Catholic Social Teaching, tackling tough questions about social justice and related issues.

DOCAT:   $

DOCAT Study Guide:  $7.96 each

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Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI himself wrote YOUCAT's forward.  In the forward he states, "I beg you..... Study this Catechism with passion and perseverance!  Make a sacrifice of your time for it."  - Pope Benedict XVI



Developed with the help of young Catholics, YOUCAT is designed to offer the Faith in a way that young adults and high school students will find unique, engaging and informative. 

I encourage this for Catholics of ALL ages!




Listen to a priest's announcement at the end of Mass!

Msgr. Deutsch's parish used 800 YOUCATs in just two weekends.  They've now shared a total of 1700 YOUCATs with their parish families through this after-Mass promotion and through their religious education programs.

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