Thanks for your interest in Lighthouse talks!

Looking for ideas of what you can do?

We believe that each person is blessed with different gifts and talents.  The Holy Spirit may be inspiring you to use these gifts by getting involved in some way with the Augustine Institute apostolate.  We need help in many areas.  Please prayerfully consider to which of these God may be calling you.


If you are also the primary volunteer for your parish, see additional ideas throughout the entire website!  Also, ask your parish consultant for details on becoming an "Emissary."  In this role, you help your parish and in exchange, you benefit from the power of prayer, gift subscriptions to the Download of the Month Club and FORMED, and webinar calls with support. 

  • More details on being an Emissary are here

  • To register to become an Emissary, click here





  • Pray for our ministry.

  • Join us in saying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy daily for the apostolate.

  • Have a Mass offered for the apostolate.





  • Subscribe yourself to the CD or download or young adult monthly subscription clubs.  Enter a promo code to link to your parish.

  • Give a gift of one of the subscription clubs to your family or friends, entering a promo code from your parish consultant. 

  • Talk about your favorite CDs as often as you can (as if you had a cure for cancer). 

  • Lend or give away your CDs.  

  • Encourage people to sign up for the subscription clubs if they enjoyed your CD.

  • Carry CDs in your car and / or purse to be prepared to give them when God brings someone into your life that needs them.

  • Take pre-orders from friends or family -- great before Advent or Lent or for other special topics such as pro-life CDs.

  • Organize a CD discussion group in your home or parish.  This can be a one-time event or weekly or monthly.

  • Start a 33 Days to Morning Glory consecration group with friends or in your parish.  See materials here





  • If your parish has the Lighthouse CDs, take a minute to thank your pastor for his support and share with him how the CDs have impacted you.  You can also help with a rejuvenation / kick-off weekend

  • If your parish doesn't have the Lighthouse CDs, ask your pastor if he'd like to find out more.  Share how Lighthouse works and help him get started.  

  • Promote the CDs and subscription clubs within parish groups such as the parish council, adult faith / RCIA, religious education, confirmation parents, sacramental prep, book clubs, moms groups, Bible studies, Knights of Columbus, etc.





  • Share your enthusiasm for the CDs with any priests you know and ask if they'd like to find out more.

  • Work with the staff at a local nursing home and have them play a CD for the residents.  Leave behind a lending library.

  • Help get Lighthouse in other organizations such as your Catholic hospital or school.




  • Like us on Facebook.

  • Link to the Lighthouse store for all talks on MP3 and CD. 

  • Talk to your parish webmaster about putting an icon and hyperlink on the parish webpage

  • If you are a Smart Phone user, get our FREE Bible app.  Share the Bible app with other Smart Phone users.  Get the entire Bible on your phone for free.  Also play Lighthouse talks on MP3 via this app. 

If you find any missing or incorrect link, outdated items, or typos,

please let me know.  Thank you for your help!