Addressing Today's Issues

Suggested CD Titles:


Abba or Allah by Dr. Scott Hahn


Attack on Religious Liberty: The Battle for the Faith in Mexico by Patrick Madrid

and in Spanish:  Ataque A La Libertad Religiosa: La Batalla por la Fe en Mexico

(this CD addresses religious freedom and persecution)


Contraception: Cracking the Myths (3rd Edition of Contraception: Why Not) by Prof. Janet Smith

Over 2,000,000 distributed and a CD everyone should hear!


Defeating Satan's Deadly Weapon Against Men by Jeff Cavins


Detox by Jason Evert  (this CD addresses pornography)  


Living Life by Design, Not Default by Fr. Michael Schmitz  (addresses our use of media)


From Love, By Love, For Love: A Deeper Understanding of Contraception, Same Sex Attraction, and Authentic Love by Fr. Michael Schmitz


Glory Stories (in English and Spanish) share the story of Blessed Jose Sanchez, a young martyr during the Battle for the Faith in Mexico, in a manner for children.


How to Talk About Same Sex Marriage by Trent Horn

 In God We Trust -- Religious Liberty: Your First Amendment Right

by Bishop David Malloy, Msgr. Eric Barr, and Timothy Cardinal Dolan

Protecting Innocence - Parenting, Your Kids, and the Internet by Matt Fradd


Prove it God!...and He Did by Patti Schneier  (this CD addresses contraception)


Relativism by Chris Stefanick   


Swimming Upstream: Going Against the Current Culture by Stephen Ray


The Hidden Battle and How to Win It by Matt Fradd  (this CD addresses pornography)


The New Conversation: Changing Hearts & Minds on Abortion by Stephanie Gray


The New Sexual Revolution: How to Form Pure Teens by Chris Stefanick


Who Am I to Judge? Responding to Relativism with Logic and Love by Dr. Edward Sri

Winning the Culture War by Peter Kreeft

 Suggested Book Titles: 


Freedom - Battle Strategies for Conquering Temptation by Everett Fritz

Who Am I To Judge - Responding to Relativism... by Dr. Edward Sri

 Suggested Pamphlet Titles:  (click for a sample)
Religious Liberty and Catholics
Sex and Contraception
 What the Church Teaches: End of Life Issues
What the Church Teaches: Immigration
What the Church Teaches: Pornography
What the New Evangelization Means for You
What the Church Teaches on Same-Sex Marriage
What You Need to Know about Healthcare Reform

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