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Speaker Bundles

Make bundles out of any particular speaker's CDs. 

Five examples are below.

Scroll down for the examples of Fr. Larry Richards and Bismarck diocese priests below.

Jason Evert


The CDs:

1) Detox

2) How to Date Your Soulmate

3) Parenting for Purity

4) Green Sex: The Case for Natural Family Planning

5) How to Save Your Marriage Before Meeting Your Spouse

6) Love or Lust

7) What's So Great About Being Catholic


Add the book:

Saint John Paul the Great

Stephen Ray


The CDs:

1) Finding the Fullness of Faith

2) Searching the Scriptures, the Gospel of John

3) Abraham

4) Born Again? Faith Alone?

5) Swimming Upstream

Bishop Robert Barron


The CDs:

1) Seven Deadly Sins -

Seven Lively Virtues

2) Following the Call of Christ

3) Reaching Out to Today's Culture

4) Who Do You Say That I Am?

5) My Beloved Son

      - Meditations for Lent

Fr. Larry Richards


The CDs:

1) Confession

2) Discerning God's Will

3) The Mass Explained

4) The Truth

Bismarck Diocese

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