What If Our Parish Has Only 35 Families?

A few families benefit from Catholic CDs, too, so just because a parish is small

doesn't mean Lighthouse CDs aren't for them! 


As one parishioner from a small parish told me, "We don't usually

get many options here at our parish.  These CDs allow us to bring 

in some of the best!"

Hear wisdom from Fr. David Richter in an interview on a Lighthouse

national conference call!  Fr. David served a cluster of three little parishes. 

St. Mary's in Medora pictured at the right with 15 families is one of his former parishes!   


Options for a small parish:

1) One can purchase a smaller portable display.  See options here.  One can also use just a header

     board set on a table.  Another option is a header board with a small display from an office

     supply store.       *See images below.

2) One can order five of a title instead of 20.

3) One can order four CD titles instead of more.

4) A small parish can order with their "cluster" or with another parish to receive the quantity rates

    for 10 or more of a title.  The "ordering parish" sees that the CDs get delivered to each parish.

5) Since small parishes seem to all know one another, a parish can sign up as a group to receive

    the CD of the Month Club together.  In this way, people sign up together for a 6 or 10 pack

    subscription of the CD of the Month Club.  Each pays as little as $2 per month and when the

    new releases arrive each month, one volunteer hands them to those who signed up. 


For help with a small parish, just ask.

Following is just one example of what a small parish can do...

National # of CDs/Family Award...

St. Mel’s in Rhame, ND, a parish of just 28 registered families, truly amazed the top Lighthouse leaders at the national conference.  St. Mel’s has 20 people signed up together to receive the CD of the Month.  They also rotate a handful of four titles every three months in the display at the right.  Doing the math, they will use over 320 CDs this year.  This is the most CDs per family of any parish in the nation!  (If a parish of 1000 families were to share CDs at this same ratio, they would be sharing over 11,500 CDs in a year!)

* Additional displays from small parishes.  The one on the right includes letter separators secured to the Lighthouse donation box purchased separately.  It is located in a very small historical church.

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please let me know.  Thank you for your help!