Evangelize with Lighthouse on

YOUR Parish Website

It's simple....

  1. Embed an image using your parish promo code on your parish website that links to all subscription clubs and the Augustine Institute store to help promote the Lighthouse Talks. 

  2. Promote the link and the resources as you wish such as in your parish bulletin and from the pulpit.

  3. Have more parishioners growing in and sharing their Catholic Faith.

 Click the above image for an example of being taken to the subscriptions page.



- - - - INSTRUCTIONS - - - - -

To embed the above image on your parish website, use the image and the following web address.

Ask your parish consultant for a promo code to use.




The image will then link to the following screen

from which parishioners can click on the individual programs:

If you find any missing or incorrect link, outdated items, or typos,

please let me know.  Thank you for your help!