Enhance Current Ministries/Programs

Use CDs to supplement all Sacramental programs, current church ministries, etc.



View a power point with ideas for each parish role HERE.



  • Baptism... Give parents  How to Apply Our Faith to our Families, A Guide to Raising (almost) Perfect Kids, Keeping Your Kids Catholic, or Discipline that Lasts a Lifetime.   


Sharing our little ones' baptisms....

  • First Confession....Give the kids' parents a CD on confession.


  • First Communion...Give parents of first communion kids a CD on the Mass or the Eucharist. The Mass Comes Alive, episodes 1 & 2 by Cat.Chat are also good for the kids.

  • Confirmation...Give the candidates We Must Go Out, The Truth, Confirmation, The Bible Made Me Do It, or another CD. Encourage candidates and sponsors to listen to the CD together and discuss it.    See a great flyer with details/steps for this confirmation idea.


  • Weddings / Pre-Marriage Prep... Give couples a CD on relationships from the parish and also encourage these CDs as wedding gifts.  Two excellent CDs are Contraception: Cracking the Myths by Prof. Janet Smith and Green Sex: the Case for Natural Family Planning by Jason Evert.  Encourage a couple to listen and be ready to discuss during their next session.


  • RCIA...Supplement your entire RCIA curriculum with CDs to match the topics.  (Ask if you'd like suggestions.)  See topics on the sub tabs here for some help.

  • Vacation Bible School...Promote CDs for the children along with additional CDs for parents.

  • New Parishioners...Give new parishioners The Joy of Stewardship.


  • Youth and Young Adult Ministry...See titles here.

  • Homebound Ministry...Give those who are homebound a variety of any titles as they can enjoy all topics at home. A specific title may be 15 Things to Do in the Midst of Suffering.


  • Web Designer... Add links to your parish website. See here.


  • Adoration...Give the CD Stay With Us Lord or give a book such as 21 Ways to Worship to new adorers and use both to promote adoration.




See additional ways for a parish to gift CDs to their parish.


Click for a printable page of Additional Ways to Share CDs.

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