"Parish Giving Model"

What IS the "Parish Giving Model"?


You know of the "Parish Kiosk Model."  Have the kiosk in a prominent place and allow parishioners

to pick titles that interest them for themselves and others and leave a donation.  Then rotate titles

and the program keeps reaching your parishioners.  This model is excellent and reaches many.


Would you like to reach MORE people?  People who may not have picked up a title on their own from the kiosk?  People who may need the words in a CD?  People who might also get hooked and want to grow in Faith even more? 


Here is what I am calling the "Parish Giving Model" to supplement your "Parish Kiosk Model."  You simply choose from the suggestions below and begin giving.  I've filled in a sample of a parish with 750 families, yet you choose what fits for your parish.  See further below for ideas on funding this model. 


How does the "Parish Giving Model" WORK?


For most of the items below, I envision simple announcements at the end of Mass and a basket at the doors holding the CDs of the title chosen....

In November in honor of Veteran's Day, one announces: "Anyone who has served in the military, we have a gift for you....the CD The Shadow of His Wings in the basket at the door. Just pick one up on your way out."


On another weekend, one announces: "This Sunday we have a gift for all college students.  If you are attending college, part-time or full-time or online, please pick up the CD True Worship in the basket at the door."

For the other items, the CDs may be given within the Sacramental prep program.


What STEPS do I take to make this happen?


1)  Fill out the attachment with your "dream".....what you would like to give if nothing was stopping you.

2)  Make copies of this completed form to share with the people/organizations shown on the back of the form to help fund your mission.  (see below for details)

3)  Break down the items into which calendar months they will fall.  Purchase the CDs quarterly for every three month period.

4)  Give the CDs by making simple announcements and having baskets at the doors as explained above.


Click for a printable blank version of both lists.

How do we fund this?


I heard one of our diocesan priests say, "Parishioners who feel their parish is generous with them are much more apt to be generous in return to their parish."  Yes, hopefully stewardship at your parish will increase in return. 


For the initial funding, how much is your parish able to budget?  Another of our diocesan priests once said, "Give people an opportunity to give.... an opportunity to receive the grace of giving."  People who may not choose to give to a building project may feel called to give to an evangelization opportunity. 


I encourage you to show the front of the form (shown above) to parish organizations, individuals, and even businesses who support your parish to see what people would like to give to participate in the new evangelization.  Use the portion of the form (shown below) in helping fund the new evangelization.  Perhaps the Right to Life group would fund the CDs for Life Month.  Perhaps the KCs would fund the CDs for Father's Day. 

Is it worth it?


Please see three priests' thoughts on the lower portion of this page.  Also, see testimonies of the difference CDs make here.  Real life stories speak volumes.  Souls in heaven cannot be compared to dollars and cents.  

Click for a printable blank version of both lists above.

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please let me know.  Thank you for your help!