Recommendations by the Priest

I encourage pastors to say a word at Mass about the Lighthouse Talks.

The voice of the priest has a great impact on people choosing to pick up a Lighthouse Talk. Recommend the talk by name when it fits with a homily. As a priest, if you would like to have parishioners listen to the talks, just let them know. Priests can also recommend a Lighthouse Talk in the confessional or ask penitents to listen to a talk for their penance.  (Recommendations: Seven Deadly Sins / Seven Lively Virtues, Detox (pornography), Anger and Forgiveness)  Lighthouse Talks can also be noted personally in the bulletin in the "From the Pastor's Desk" column.  It is great to see the respect people have for the recommendation of a priest!

Recommendations in General...

1) Mention CDs by NAME.

2) Hold up a CD for people to SEE.

Are you a priest? Then these three excellent bonuses are for you!

1) Hear wisdom from Fr. Russell Kovash in an interview on a Lighthouse national conference call! Just click and listen while you work. 

(striving to get a working link)


2) Hear wisdom from Fr. David Richter in an interview on a Lighthouse national conference call! Again, just click and listen while you work.  (updating link)


3) Read a letter from Fr. David Richter to his brother priests.

Rotate New Titles Often

Rotating new titles keeps people coming to the kiosk to see "What's New?"  If the CDs stay the same too long, people quit coming to look. If this happens, when you DO get new titles, people are no longer coming to look. Keeping new titles, just a few or all nine, keeps people looking. Order smaller quantities if necessary. Place some titles aside and bring out again later in a bundle.


See a complete list of titles.


When you get new titles, include your new titles in a bulletin insert.

Just insert your new titles into this adaptable insert.


When you plan to swap titles, let your parish know in advance which titles are leaving and which are coming. Just insert your outgoing and incoming titles into this adaptable insert.

Kick Off and Relaunch Weekends

Have a kick off weekends on a regular basis with a simple announcement and a table in the entrance.  See all details and sample announcements for a kick off here

CD of the Week

Choose a

"CD of the Week"

to highlight each week:

1) Bulletin...

Have a "CD of the Week" or a "Secretary's Pick" or a "Priest's Pick" corner in which you give a shortened synopsis of the CD and a quote.  (See "synopses and quotes.")


2) Pulpit announcement... Announce the CD of the Week by the title and a one sentence tidbit.


"The CD of the Week is Rising Above. Hear the incredible story of a boy who accidentally set himself on fire and barely lived to tell his story.”


  Trinity Sunday example.:

"The CD of the Week is God's Family and Ours: the Church and the Trinity. This CD can give us an even greater understanding of the mystery of the Trinity."

Encourage all to pass CDs along to a friend, neighbor, or family member.

Lay Volunteers / Emissaries

If you have a lay volunteer(s) involved in your Lighthouse ministry, please say a big “thank you.” Volunteers are the heart of this ministry and can also help to free time from you. Having a volunteer(s) also gives another a ministry within the church to enjoy. Volunteers can help track current inventory and donations, help place new orders, help create themed bundles, and can help both promote the program and answer people's questions. Volunteers can receive "bonuses" of MP3s and a FORMED subscription as a thank you along with prayer support and  newsletters. This website will be their resource. 


If you do not have a lay volunteer(s), I would love to work with you to come up with some names of parishioners who may like to be involved. It is a fun ministry of which to be a part!  Prospects for volunteers could be: ushers, recent RCIA members, Knights of Columbus members, new parishioners, and Bible study members.  I recommend watching to see who is excited about the CDs.

Do you want additional ideas? 

See many key ideas here.

If you find any missing or incorrect link, outdated items, or typos,

please let me know.  Thank you for your help!