Month of the Rosary

Respect Life Month


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Highlight The Holy Rosary

by Matthew Arnold (also in Spanish) as well as Praying the Rosary Like Never Before by Dr. Edward Sri.


Encourage all to have a copy of the rosary CD in each of their vehicles for praying the rosary while traveling. Also encourage a copy for their home for praying while doing the dishes, etc.

Share the booklet:

How to Pray the Rosary

by Fr. Donald Calloway, M.I.C.

Share the pamphlet: 

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How to Pray the Holy Rosary

Spanish version

And be sure all have a rosary by offering rosaries which support orphans in Vietnam.  (10/$35)

See additional Mary titles here.

Highlight Eight CDs and a booklet

1. Abby Johnson's Why I Left Planned Parenthood. Hear Abby's story from inside the abortion industry as a Planned Parenthood director and her journey away from it and towards life.

2. Lila Rose's A Voice for the Unborn. This CD gives an eye-opening inside look into Planned Parenthood as Lila and others have gone undercover. 

3. Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen's There is Life in the Womb. This CD explains the Church's teaching on life from a philosophical and historical perspective.

4. Jane Brennan's Feminism Misunderstood - One Woman's Journey to Peace. Jane shares her journey from abuse and abortion and time with NOW and Planned Parenthood to finding true freedom and healing.

5. Dr. Bernard Nathanson's Aborting America - the Story of an Ex-Abortionist and Ex-Atheist. Planned Parenthood modeled their clinics after Dr. Bernard's. Dr. Bernard is also behind the films The Silent Scream and The Eclipse of Reason.

6. Prof. Janet Smith's Contraception - Cracking the Myths (3rd edition of Contraception: Why Not).  This CD is a must hear for all with quotes from across the nation already flooding Lighthouse. 

7. Jennifer Fulwiler's Switching Sides in which she shares how through sound logic and scientific proof, she came to accept the truth about abortion.

Additional ideas for the Rosary:


Cover a small table with a cloth.

Accent with a statue of Mary and a rosary.

Place the CDs beside Mary.

Promote from the pulpit and the bulletin.

Guardian Angels

The Feast of the Guardian Angels is October 2nd.  Highlight: Angels Explained.

8. Stephanie Gray's The New Conversation - Changing Hearts and Minds About Abortion utilizes her ability to speak to people on either side of the pro-life issue.

Additional Ideas for Life:

Cover a small table with a red cloth.  Accent with a rose(s) and any life images.  Place the CD bundles on the table.  Promote.

See images of the Unborn Jesus.

Faith and the World Series

Click the image for sports titles, including four baseball talks!

St. Therese's Feast Day

The Feast of St. Therese is October 3rd.  Highlight a booklets on St. Therese and her prayers and devotions!  

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