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Month of Mary

Highlight a bundle of excellent Marian CD titles

and add a book and booklets.


see titles on Our Blessed Mother Mary here



Additional ideas:

Cover a small table with a blue cloth.

Accent with a statue of Mary.

Place the CD bundles beside Mary.

Promote by pulpit and bulletin announcements.


1) Promote CDs as gifts for graduation.  Put together a graduation bundle out of titles for young adults.  (See title ideas here.)  Promote the gift idea from the pulpit and in the bulletin.

2) Give CDs as a gift from your parish to your parish's graduating seniors. 


(Yes, can you also give MP3s.  Talk with your parish consultant for ways to gift downloads.)

Mother's Day

Promote Mary Handmaid of the Lord

or The Face of God by Blessed Mother Teresa as a gift for Moms. 


See other titles for moms.


Also, sell roses for Mother's Day

as a benefit for Right to Life.

Feast of the Most Holy Trinity

First Holy Communion

Promote the CD

God's Family and Ours: The Church and the Trinity by Dr. Scott Hahn and the book by Fr. Michael GaitleyThe One Thing is Three.

Promote talks on the 


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