Ideas for Listening to CDs and Sharing CDs

I believe CDs leaving the kiosk sometimes slow down not because people aren't interested in the titles but because they haven't listened to the ones they already have. The following are ideas to pass on to your parishioners to help them better take the opportunity to listen to the CDs.


Another neat aspect of the Lighthouse Talks is that they make it easy to share the Faith! Sometimes people just need to be given the ideas for how to pass them on to others. 


Both of the squares below can be put into your bulletins and shared in pulpit announcements.

Ideas for Evangelizing with CDs

1.  Use headphones.  Headphones can both rid the everyday distractions around the house and allow one to continue with tasks throughout the house.


2.  Purchase a small inexpensive portable CD player for the car, tractor, or garage.  Give one as a gift.


3.  Download CDs to an MP3 player if one prefers.


4.  Listen while working in the garage.


5.  Listen on trips to town and on vacation trips.


6.  Listen while driving truck or tractor.


7.  Listen while driving to and from work.


8.  Listen on portable headphones while working in the yard.



9.  Listen while going for a walk

outside or even on a treadmill.


10.  Listen while doing dishes and

folding the laundry.

Would you like more ideas for sharing CDs?  Click below for a printable document with 19 ideas.


Additional Ways to Distribute CDs

Ideas for Evangelizing with CDs

When and How?


1.   CDs fit in envelopes so they can easily

be sent.  (Add to all birthday, graduation,

and anniversary cards.) 


2.  CDs fit inside gift bags so can easily be added to a gift.  (Add one to wedding presents and baby gifts.)


3.  CDs fit inside a glove compartment so can taken on trips to share at the right moment.


4.  CDs fit inside purses so can be taken to share during the right conversation.



With Whom?


1.  Give to Godchildren and to those for whom you are a confirmation sponsor.


2.  Give to relatives (siblings, children, parents, grandchildren...)


3.  Give to the Kirby salesman, the water meter reader, the Schwan's man, and the insurance salesman.


4. Do you ever take a cab? Give on to the driver. Fly in an airplane? Give one to the person in the seat beside you.


5.  Give to your eye doctor and dentist.



6.  Give to colleagues.


7.  Give to high school graduates.


8.  Hang one on the mailbox for the

mail carrier.


9.  The options are as endless as ones creativity!

"...It is the whole Church that receives the mission to evangelize, and the work of each individual member is important for the whole."  -On Evangelization in the Modern World, Pope Paul VI

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