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Weddings / Love and Marriage

Since summer and especially June seem to be weddings and anniversaries, encourage titles for building relationships.  Bundles can include "Gift for Engaged Couples" and "Relationship Booster Bundle."


See titles for Marriage and Relationships.

Feast of Corpus Christi

Highlight The Body and Blood of Christ by Dr. Scott Hahn.  You can also highlight any of the other Eucharist titles

Feast of Sts. Peter & Paul

June 29th

 Promote CDs of our Holy Father.
See a simple
Pope Bundle.
See additional ideas of a
Papal Packet.

Father's Day

Promote the Lighthouse Talk  Counting Your Blessings by Dr. Scott Hahn as a gift for fathers.  The second half of this talk specifically addresses men.


"This talk has taught me to be more grateful for my family, and in doing so has challenged me to be a better father and husband." - Howick, Auckland, NZ

See other

titles for men.

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