The New Year

 A New Year's Resolution:

Learn and Love our Catholic Faith


  Tie in CDs to people's New Year's resolutions with the theme "Become a Better..."  What a great way to become a better individual than with our Catholic Faith!  Highlight the themes below in your parish bulletin.  Fill in the CD titles with titles your parish has on hand.  Create your own ideas, too!  


 New Year’s Resolutions

"Become a Better..."

 · Become a Better Spouse…with the CD title

· Become a Better Parent…with the CD title   

· Become a Better Saint... with the CD title 

· Become a Better Teenager... with the CD title

· Become a Better... ...

St Francis de Sales

In honor of St. Francis de Sales' Feast Day on January 24th, promote Pursuing Holiness:  Lessons from St. Francis De Sales, Doctor of the Church by Ralph Martin.

January 22nd...the Anniversary of Roe v. Wade

So many women have been hurt by abortion.

So many people don't understand the pain these

women go through.

Use the CD Feminism Misunderstood to help women hurt by abortion to realize the freedom of healing.


Use the CD Feminism Misunderstood to help all to walk in another's shoes who has been there.


See other CD titles and ideas for LIFE.

“Jane's story is a powerful and compelling testament to how Christ can take anyone out of despair and move them to a place of dignity and hope.”  Carol - Lemmon, SD


"Jane Brennan's story is one of reconciliation, healing and hope. Jane is living the witness that Pope John Paul II had hoped post-abortive women would embrace. In Evangelium Vitae, he addressed women who've had abortions with these words: 'you can be among the most eloquent defenders of everyone's right to life...' Jane is seeking to do exactly that. Her desire to tell her story reveals her love for human life, and particularly, her love for women."  Archbishop Charles Chaput - Archdiocese of Denver

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