The Gift of Sexuality...Humanae Vitae

This July marks the 50th Anniversary of Humanae Vitae, a prophetic encyclical letter by Pope Paul VI on the regulation of birth.  In addition to the anniversary, Pope Paul VI will be canonized this August.


To be of help for your families... 

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  • God's Plan for Love by Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila

  • Has the Sexual Revolution Been Good for Women

       by Mary Eberstadt

Three Titles on Contraception/ NFP

1. Prof. Janet Smith's Contraception - Cracking the Myths (3rd edition of Contraception: Why Not).  This talk is a must hear for all. Janet opens eyes with science!

2. Jason Evert's Green Sex: The Case for Natural Family Planning. This talk makes the case for NFP through science and reason.  This is a win with the talk on Contraception above.

3. Patty Schneier's Prove It, God! ... And He Did. This talk shares Patty's story of being a Catholic wife justifying her use of contraception to her decision to follow the Church's teaching.  

Three Helps for Parents

1. Chris Stefanick's The New Sexual Revolution - How to Form Pure Teens. Chris shows us what we're up against and how to turn the tides in the culture war for teen's purity.  

2. Matt Fradd's Protecting Innocence - Parenting, Your Kids, and the Internet. This talk gives a real look at the urgency to protect our children on the internet and smart phones and advice on how to do so.

3. Jason Evert's Parenting for Purity. Hear Jason's ten strategies for parents to safeguard children's innocence and effectively communicate the benefits and beauty of chastity. 

Three Titles on Authentic Love

1. Fr. Mike Schmitz's From Love By Love For Love. Hear Father tackle contraception and same-sex attraction with compassion, clarity, and even humor.  

2. Chris Stefanick's No Imitations: Saying "Yes" to Authentic Love. Instead of "say no," Chris shares "saying yes"... to authentic relationships, health, love, and happiness.

3. Dr. Edward Sri's Men, Women, & The Mystery of Love.  Dr. Sri explains how Saint John Paul II teachings of the Theology of the Body can help us prepare for marriage by living authentically.

Contraception Leading to Abortion...

1. Jane Brennan's Feminism Misunderstood - One Woman's Journey to Peace. Jane shares her journey from abuse and abortion and time with NOW and Planned Parenthood to finding true freedom and healing.

2. Abby Johnson's Why I Left Planned Parenthood. Hear Abby's story from inside the abortion industry as a Planned Parenthood director and her journey away from it and towards life.

3. Jennifer Fulwiler's Switching Sides in which she shares how through sound logic and scientific proof, she came to accept the truth about abortion.

Pornography as Another Consequence

1. Jason Evert's Detox.  Jason takes a loving and practical approach to uproot the vice of pornography once and for all.  

2. Matt Fradd's The Hidden Battle. Matt lays out a seven-step battle plan to rid pornography.  

Additional Talks for Support

Pope Paul VI, pray for us.

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