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While Evangelism has been part of the Catholic faith since Jesus gave the Great Commission in Matthew 28, emphasis has waxed and waned. Up until the 1500's, the only Christian church was the Catholic Church and our primary mission was to Go! Make Disciples. Now there are over 55,000 protestant churches who are heeding that command and more and more Catholics are leaving the Church for Protestantism. Why?

The stats are startling: 

  True evangelism is usually more subtle and time consuming.

  • Our primary mission is making disciples

  • Evangelism Assumptions

      -  We can’t share a faith that we don’t have ourselves

      -  Prayer is an essential component of evangelism

      -  We need to walk-our-talk

      -  Evangelism is a calling for all God’s people –

         may be through cloistered prayer, service or active engagement

         (Everyday Evangelism for Catholics  Cathy Duffy) 


Forming Intentional Disciples Sherry A. Weddell (

The Joy of the Gospel (Pope Francis’s encyclical Evangelii Guadium) –             Vatican Website

Nudging Conversations: A Practical Guide to Bringing Those You Love            Back to the Church (Carrie Gress) Beacon Publishing

                  Adapted from 4 Signs of a Dynamic Catholic  - Matthew Kelly                                                                   (


Fourth Sign of a Dynamic Catholic 

EVANGELIZATION (Go Make Disciples)

 “Evangelization is to the Church what breathing is to a person.”  Matthew Kelly


1.  Dynamic Catholics spread the Word wherever they go

2.  Understands the Wisdom of the Ten (Commandments) pattern of behaviors

3.  Know the 3 Universal Principles of becoming The-Best-Version-of-Yourself

      1. You are here to become The-Best-Version-of-Yourself

      2. Virtue is at the core of their lives, their relationships or the life of their Nation

      3. It is better to live with self-control than without it

4.  Follow Jesus’ answer to how the best way to live is; “Love the Lord your God with        all your heart, with all your soul, and with your entire mind…and love your                    neighbor as yourself.”   

      (Matthew 26:37-39)

5.   They share God’s love with others: WIN, BUILD, SEND

6.   Practice the three ways people are WON: through Truth, Beauty and Goodness

        Over 89% had conversion experience that won them to a more engaged                        relationship with God

7.   Build their spiritual life to include a process and with intentionality to effectively          evangelize others

8.   Understand that Friendship is the most natural and effective way to share the              faith with others

9.   Feel good about being Catholic

10. Pass out books and CDs; invite people to Catholic events; bring godly perspective        to conversations; earn Catholic teachings on certain issues and articulate them          when Church is attacked over those issues in social settings; help others                      discover answers to questions that may cause them to doubt the Catholic faith

11. Demonstrate love of God through faithful and generous friendships

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