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According to the Second Vatican Council’s Dogmatic Constitution on the Church: “The family, is so to speak, the domestic church.” (Lumen Gentium #11) This means that it is in the context of the family that we first learn who God is and to prayerfully seek His will for us. In the following bullet points, you will find some suggestions on how to build your “domestic church” through a life of prayer that can help all the members of your family grow in their faith journey.

PRAYER does not have to be long or only at certain times. Prayer is a conversation with God. In today's world, we are constantly using social media to tell all our friends and family everything we see, do, think and experience the entire day, at night, weekends and special thoughts, feelings and memories. PRAYER is simply a conversation throughout the day with God.


In Matthew Kelly's book, I Heard God LaughKelly describes his faith journey earnestly began when he was 15 years old. A family friend asked Kelly "You're not really happy are you?" Kelly admitted his feelings of restlessness and emptiness despite having much success academically, socially, in sports, and at work. That question and the ensuing conversation with his mentor put him on a life-long spiritual journey that he shares with his readers. It is a remarkable journey of prayer, prayer that comes from the heart, simple yet powerful, satisfying, and intimate. Kelly calls this guiding God around our life, recognizing God's presence throughout the day and transforming each part of our day into prayer.  

Do you want to teach your children the secret of supreme happiness? It really is very, very simple. 

  • Begin praying as a family and reading from Scripture daily, certainly before meals, but also first thing in the morning or before bed. Find a time that works for your family. Use the liturgy of the Church as a model for prayer, and try to include heartfelt unstructured prayer as well. Watch the movie I Am Gabriel and have each family member make their own prayer mat.

  • Pray a Family Rosary (each member leads a decade, and everyone shares intentions).

  • Have a crucifix in a prominent place in the home, and in every bedroom.

  • Make the Sacraments a regular celebration – take the whole family to Confession and Mass!

  • Begin family traditions based on the seasons celebrated in the liturgical calendar.

  • Make your vacation a holy pilgrimage by visiting the shrines and saints of your local area and our 

  • Make worshiping God a priority. Never miss Mass, even while traveling – go to: to find a church near you!

  • Teach stewardship and charity to your children, through word and example.

  • Demonstrate love for your spouse, your children, your neighbors, and the world. Remind your children that they are loved by God and have been given gifts to serve others.

  • Talk freely about the presence of God in the joys and sorrows of your life.

  • Welcome into your home and support priests, brothers, sisters, deacons, and lay ministers in the Church.

  • Participate in the lay ministries and activities of your parish community.

  • Allow your children to witness you in private prayer. Encourage your children to pray daily on their own, to listen for God’s call, and if heard, to respond.

  • For more ideas on how to build your home as a Domestic Church, go to: or visit The Family Fully Alive, sponsored by the Knights of Columbus.

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