We may hear of the Call to a New Evangelization, yet do we know what this is? 

See what the USCCB and Wikipedia have to say about evangelization HERE.


While all of our CDs are tools for evangelization and easy to pass on to others,

here are some titles that will help you share the beauty of the Catholic Faith:


Contagious Catholicism - the Seven Habits of Modern Day Apostles by Chris Stefanick

Encounter Christ First: Then Set the World on Fire by Curtis Martin

Evangelizing Catholics by Dr. Scott Hahn

Following the Call of Christ by Fr. Robert Barron

How to Apply Faith to Our Families by Kimberly Hahn

How to Bring Fallen Away Catholics Back to the Church by Dr. Scott Hahn

How to Talk About Same-Sex Marriage by Trent Horn

Life-Changing Stories of the Eucharist by Jesse Romero

Pursuing Holiness - Lessons from St. Francis de Sales by Ralph Martin

Reaching Out to Today's Culture by Fr. Robert Barron

Religionless Spirituality by Dr. Tim Gray

Right Here, Right Now - Always Be Ready to Share Your Faith by Patrick Madrid

Seven Reasons to Be Catholic by Dr. Peter Kreeft

Swimming Upstream by Steve Ray

The Truth by Fr. Larry Richards

Who Am I To Judge - Responding to Relativism with Logic and Love by Dr. Edward Sri

Why Be Catholic by Patrick Madrid

BOOKLET:  The Call to Evangelise

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