Download of the Month Club

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How It Works  


Each month you will be sent an email containing a link to download your newly released MP3 download.  You can also choose to receive additional downloads (of the same talk) that you can email from your account to your friends and family each month.


1 download a month for just $3.

*A person can also easily give this as a gift to another's email address.



One download for you and one to give for just $5.

For those of us who want to keep one and give one. 



6 downloads for you and your friends for just $10.



10 downloads for you and your friends for just $15.

  Additional Resources  

1)  Use the following form for parishioners who want to subscribe:  


        Download of the Month Club Subscription Form 

2)  For additional ideas on promoting the Download of the Month Club subsriptions as gifts, see here (under Christmas giving ideas). 

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