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Conversion Stories

A Pastor’s Wife’s Journey Home by Kimberly Hahn

Confessions of a Mega Church Pastor - How I Discovered the Hidden Treasures of the Catholic Church

              by Allen Hunt

Feminism Misunderstood: One Woman's Journey to Peace by Jane Brennan

Finding the Fullness of Faith by Stephen Ray

Former Satanist becomes Catholic by Betty Brennan

From Atheism to Catholicism - My Conversion Diary by Jennifer Fulwiler

From Jehovah Witness to Catholic by Mary Kochan

From Mormon Missionary to the Catholic Faith by Thomas Smith

From White Supremacist to Catholic Writer by Joseph Pearce

Gangland to Promised Land by John Pridmore

Made for Greatness: Runway Model Turns to Christ by Leah Darrow

No Price Too High by Deacon Alex Jones

No Turning Back by Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC  

Overcoming the New Age Movement by Matthew Arnold

Quest for Truth: A Convert’s Perspective by David Currie

That Awkward Moment When God Changed My Life by Paul J. Kim

The Bible Made Me Do it by Tim Staples

The Making of a Jewish Nun the story of Mother Miriam of the Lamb of God

Why a Protestant Pastor became Catholic by Dr. Scott Hahn 

Why I Left Planned Parenthood: From Death to Life by Abby Johnson

More Faith Stories: 

5-Time Major League All-Star on Winning the Game for Christ by Mike Sweeney

God Will Provide by Kitty Cleveland 

Rising Above: From Tragedy to Triumph by John O'Leary

The Baseball Priest by Fr. Burke Masters

The Epic Journey of Catholic Explorer Cabeza De Vaca by Craig Turner

The Shadow of His Wings by Fr. Gereon Goldmann 

The Ultimate Goal: Why I Left Pro Soccer to Answer God's Call by Sr. Raffaella Cavallin A.V.I.

To Hell and Back: Divine Love and the Cross by Anne Marie Schmidt

And the Following Books:  for details on many, see the book tab here

Crossing the Tiber by Stephen Ray

Gangland to Promised Land by John Pridmore

My Sisters the Saints by Colleen Carroll Campbell

Rome Sweet Home by Dr. Scott and Kimberly Hahn

The Shadow of His Wings by Fr. Gereon Goldman, OFM

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