CDs Just Not Moving?

One phrase I hear from some parishes is,

"The CDs (or books) just aren't moving." 

This may be after eight years of having the program or it may be toward its beginning.  Either way, I've created a checklist of items that may help. 


This checklist will also be helpful if you'd just like to see more people benefiting from the Lighthouse talks.   

1.  Make a copy of the printable checklist at the bottom.

2.  Check yes, no, or "could do more" to each of the ideas.

3.  If the answer to any question is no or "could do more," please try it and see the difference. 

In the options below, CDM = Could Do More.


1.  Prayer


a.  Yes / No / CDM     Has Father blessed our kiosk?

b.  Yes / No / CDM     Have we had a Mass offered for our kiosk program? 

                                  (FYI:  Augustine Institute offers a Mass for your parish when you begin your program.)


c.  Yes / No / CDM     Have we asked for prayers for your Lighthouse ministry from parishioners?



2.  Key Ideas 


a.  Yes / No / CDM     Are we regularly swapping in new titles?


b.  Yes / No / CDM     Are we promoting the titles in our bulletin with a 'CD of the Week'...specifically by name?

c.  Yes / No / CDM     Are we promoting the titles in pulpit announcements and even homilies, especially by name?

d.  Yes / No / CDM     Have we tried sharing the ideas on how to both listen and share CDs shown here in both our bulletin and pulpit announcements?

e.  Yes / No / CDM     Are we sharing quotes/testimonials in announcements?  Quotes are available here and on the website  (You can also ask your own parish family to share feedback which can be included in your bulletin or shared after Masses.)


f.  Yes / No / CDM     Do we have a lay volunteer who appreciates the CDs assisting with the hands-on portion of our ministry?  This person can also register as your parish "Emissary" and receive bonuses of prayer and product that can help him/her in the ministry.


g.  Yes / No / CDM     Has our parish staff and others involved in the program listened to CDs to know their value in making a difference in people's lives and for eternity?



3.  Kick Offs / Rejuvenation Weekends


a.  Yes / No / CDM     Have we promoted the kiosk program on a chosen weekend with a table, bundles, and a volunteer(s) in the back of our church?  The ideas on the link above regarding kick offs can be used any weekend of the year. 


b.  Yes / No / CDM     When was the last time we had a promotion/rejuvenation weekend? _______

Was this within the last year (or even six months)?  


c.  Yes / No / CDM     Do we have a volunteer by the stand after regular weekend Masses to invite people to look at CDs and encourage / recommend specific titles?



4.  Kiosk Placement


a.  Yes / No / CDM     Is our main kiosk in a place that people naturally walk directly by it?  Is it clearly not hidden or removed from the main area?  Even a few feet make a difference. 


b.  Yes / No / CDM     Are CDs available at side entrances and side chapels?  Do people walk directly by the stand at these entrances?  See display options here.



5.  Parish Ministries


a.  Yes / No / CDM     Are we incorporating CDs into our natural parish ministries / faith formation programs such as baptisms, first communions, and RCIA?  This will not only enhance the current program, but also catch families that may not pick up CDs from the kiosk and will give them a taste of the CDs.  I encourage all ideas on the link above.


b.  Yes / No / CDM     Do we have the CDs available at all parish events and even sporting events if we have a school?



6.  The "Individuals' Giving Model"


a.  Yes / No / CDM     Have we encouraged / stressed sharing the CDs with others in the spirit of evangelization?  Encourage those who have appreciated the CDs to now give them to others.  Encourage people to think of others as they look at the titles and to choose titles for others.  See giving ideas to announce here such as CDs easily fitting in birthday cards and gift bags.  See another example of a pulpit announcement here.



7.  The "Parish Giving Model"


a.  Yes / No / CDM     In addition to having the CDs available in our parish kiosk, have we considered giving CDs to our parish families in what could be called a "giving model"?  CDs can be given within the parish ministries noted in #4 above as well as to all families at Christmas and Easter.  Other ideas include Mother's Day and Father's Day, graduations, the home bound, and weddings.  Ideas can be as creative as calling all children with "May birthdays" forward for a children's CD, giving all farmers a CD upon the start of harvest, or even giving a CD to everyone who has over an hour commute to work.  See funding ideas in #8 below.  See the "Parish Giving Model" on the link above.    



8. Sponsors or Budgeting


a. Yes / No / CDM     Would we be able to find sponsors, individuals and/or businesses, to specifically fund (or budget for) giving away CDs on various occasions? See ideas of various groups who may like to fund the program here. Other individuals who may not choose to fund your parish building projects may be excited to fund an evangelization outreach such as this.





Click for a printable version of the checklist above. 

If you find any missing or incorrect link, outdated items, or typos,

please let me know.  Thank you for your help!