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Lighthouse Helping Radio Stations




How can Lighthouse talks be used on radio stations?


Lighthouse talks can be used for on-the-air programming.  Numerous Catholic radio stations are finding this to be a tremendous benefit to them due to the great quality and variety of the presentation topics and speakers available from Lighthouse.   



What are the Benefits?

  • Radio station listener feedback has been extremely positive when Lighthouse presentations have been featured.
  • Lighthouse presentations are an incredible opportunity for high-quality, no-cost programming.
  • Offering Lighthouse presentations provides the listening audience with a great variety of discussion topics from the best Catholic speakers.
  • Talks featured during programming can be sold as CDs or MP3 downloads through a link to Lighthouse's Online Store with the station receiving a donation back on each item.  (see example below)
  • Featuring Lighthouse talks drives interest in the Lighthouse CD of the Month Club and other subscription programs, with the station receiving a donation back on each subscription.



What are the Requirements of the Radio Station?

  • Offer a 30 second commercial of Lighthouse's choosing per hour of Lighthouse programming played on the station.
  • Put on the station's main landing page an 'image' with an embedded link that points to the Lighthouse subscription clubs and online store.  Your Parish Consultant will provide the link with your promotional code.
  • Provide the Augustine Institute with a schedule of any programming in which its talks are featured.
  • Sign a contract with the Augustine Institute / Lighthouse.



Do you have additional ideas for promoting the faith as well as fundraising for radio stations?




  • You can feature additional items by placing an image with a link on your website to our Lighthouse subscription clubs and store to raise additional funds for your station.  Please visit with your account manager to receive your promo code.  See an example of Relevant Radio below.



If we want to air Lighthouse talks, how do we start?


You will need to sign and submit a radio station agreement. This agreement also will include a list of which talks Lighthouse has the license to air on radio stations. To receive a copy of this agreement, please contact Lighthouse at and carbon copy your Lighthouse Account Manager. 


Please include the following three items in the email when requesting a contract:

1) the legal name of the station

2) the physical address of the station

3) the name and title of the officer who will be signing the contract





See below how Relevant Radio features the CDs that they broadcast each day.