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Gift Certificates



     Give a thank you from the Church by a “CD of ones choice” to parish volunteers and committee members.  Encourage parishioners to give a “CD of ones choice” to family and friends!



     Print your own parish gift certificates to give as gifts.  Promote parishioners' giving the

     suggested donation for gift certificates available at a table in the church entrance or in the parish office. Encourage the giving of gifts.

See here for more ideas on promoting the idea of giving.


Click below for supporting documents:


Printable Gift Certificates   12/page...image sample on the left

(one page is parish specific and one page is parishioner specific)


  Adaptable Gift Certificates   (for those who use Microsoft Publisher)


More Printable Gift Certificates   4/page...image sample on the right


Rush Hour Traffic!

Whether your rush hour is more like North Dakota's or more like California's, driving time is a great time to promote the Lighthouse Catholic Media CDs! A CD can make the miles between two isolated places or the miles between two not-so-isolated places pass more quickly and with a purpose...our Catholic education.

Reach Wedding and Funeral Attendees


Be sure to place the kiosk in a place where all need to walk directly by it upon entering and leaving the church.  It's been known that someone will pick up a talk as they walk by it...that someone who isn't a regular church goer...making a difference!






What is your Church's Feast Day?

Highlight a CD for your parish's name day!
There is a CD for:
Church of Corpus Christi
St. Francis de Sales Church
Christ the King Parish
St. Mary's Church
and more

What ideas do YOU have?
There is room for still more ideas here!