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Simple Steps for Getting Started
with a Kick-Off Weekend
    Order your CDs and displays.
    Place a bulletin announcement a week in advance.
    Have a pulpit announcement at all Masses of the 
          kick-off weekend.
    Have a table in the entrance with the CDs,
          bundles, and a volunteer.   

Are you the primary helper?  Click for a more detailed checklist so that all is remembered

    and nothing is forgotten before and after the weekend.


    Are you a volunteerClick for more ideas of what you can do at your parish. 


    Are you a parish staffSee additional ideas for enhancing your current programs. 

Step 1...

Placing the Order

Work with your account manager to place an order for the display, CDs, and brochures of your choice. If these arrive early, I recommend having any volunteers listen to the CDs in advance in order to be able to recommend them to other parishioners.




Step 2...

Bulletin Announcement

The weekend before the "kick-off weekend," place an insert in the bulletin. Here is an adaptable insert in which you just insert your titles and make copies to insert in your bulletins. Here is an adaptable insert for Canada.


In the future when you get new titles, I recommend adapting the flyer once again with your new titles and having another bulletin insert.




Step 3...

Pulpit Announcement

Give a 2 - 3 minute announcement for your first weekend's "kick off." This may be done by the account manager or by a parish volunteer who also is excited about the program. Here is an announcement to use or adapt.


You can also use this announcement for a later "relaunch."



Step 4...

Table in Gathering Space

 Have a table in the entrance or gathering space next to the display and the CDs. It is great to have bundles available as well. You could have any 7 titles for a donation of $20. At this table the Lighthouse rep and/or a volunteer(s) can answer people's questions and also have parishioners sign up for the CD of the Month Club (CDMC) and the Download of the Month Club (DMC). For details on the CDMC kick-off, see the box on the right.




After Your Start...

Ongoing Key Ideas

See ideas recommended for the ongoing success of your parish Lighthouse program, including a "CD of the Week" in the bulletin, priest promotion from the pulpit, the help of lay volunteers, and rotating titles.






1) When ordering, include the DVDs Our Catholic Faith by Matthew Arnold to give to parishioners as a free gift for subscribing.



 2) Print copies of the subscription sign-up sheets...

1) CDMC form

2) DMC form 


Above are for the CD of the Month Club and the Download of the Month Club. 



3) Attach the forms to clip boards



 4) Don't forget pens



 5) After the weekend, give sign-up sheets to your parish consultant who will enter all subscriptions.


Your parishioners will receive monthly CDs or downloads sent to their homes!

Hear It and See It


LISTEN TO and WATCH a sample pulpit announcement.   (4 min.)



WATCH and WITNESS a demonstration of volunteers at a table in the gathering space. (2 min.)



HEAR and SEE testimonies after a kick-off weekend.   (2 min.)