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Your Lighthouse Ideas site will still be here for you!  We are currently transferring it to another website so you can still have this resource for ideas to get Lighthouse talks into people's hands.  Please pray for the volunteers helping me in this endeavor to be completed by the end of March.  Thanks! 


is a website for YOU...

to give parishes both ideas and resources in one place
at the ease of clicking a button.

Enjoy! Always remember you can contact me or contact another
Lighthouse representative for help or for more CD titles.


For Lighthouse's main website, see


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Are you looking for IDEAS to utilize what we offer to benefit your parish? See the top half (alphabetized).
Are you looking for the PRODUCTS and PARTNERSHIPS  that we have to offer?  See the bottom half (alphabetized).
Augustine Institute in Colorado
with its distribution center in DeKalb, IL 


 Jenetta Padilla
Augustine Institute Parish Consultant
and Designer
(701) 483 - 0151
114 Palm Beach Rd.
Dickinson, ND  58601
contact me      

What is Lighthouse and the Augustine Institute?  Why do I personally enjoy sharing Lighthouse talks? 

I see Lighthouse talks as...

Catholic Education "To Go"  and  Evangelism "Made Easy" 

The  Lighthouse  / Augustine Institute apostolate 
is  based  on  prayer  and is not-for-profit. 
         With CDs,  Catholic  education can meet people  at  their  convenience... 
                easy  to  learn  ourselves  and  easy to  share  with  others.  Hey, no excuses!