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 CD of the Month Club
To subscribe, click here:

How It Works 
Each month you will be sent a newly released CD to your mailbox.  You can also choose to receive additional CDs (of the same title) to give to your friends and family each month.



1 CD a month for just $6.

To listen and then pass on to another. 


*A person can also easily give this as a gift to another's address.



One CD for you and one to give for just $8. 

For those of us who want to keep one to listen to again.  



6 CDs for you and your friends for just $15.



10 CDs for you and your friends for just $20.  This can also be great for Bible Studies to split!



 Additional Resources 


1)  Use the following as a pulpit announcement: 

                  sample announcement


2)  Use the following flyer for promotion: 

                  CD of the Month Club flyer


3)  Use the following form for parishioners who want to subscribe: 

                 CD of the Month Club subscription form


4)  For additional ideas on promoting the CD of the Month Club subscriptions as gifts, see here (under Christmas giving ideas).  This page also includes a gift card that can be printed and given.