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The Recommended "Bundles"

Scenario of a parish in Bismarck, ND:  A parish had titles left from four previous full orders that people hadn't taken from the kiosk.  This means that they had a handful left of 36 different titles.  I helped the volunteer form many themed bundles and she put them together in 58 bundles with various labels.  The priest promoted the Lighthouse bundles at the Masses.  In just one weekend, the parish used 41 bundles!  These were titles that were left over and now will be listened to!

What Is A Bundle?


A bundle is a number of CDs put together for someone to take as a unit, usually with a particular theme.



How Do I Bundle?


First, feel free to ask me for help.  I just need your current inventory and can give you bundle suggestions.


Otherwise, take your current titles and all titles left on hand.  Using the help of the bundle tabs on the left, group the titles you have into various themes.  Order titles needed to fill in any gaps in the bundles.  The ones you order will also be your next new titles in the kiosk.



Why Bundle?


1)  Bundling can make it easy for someone to pick up a number of CDs based on a certain interest... parenting or young adults or relationships, for example.


2)  Bundling can help people listen to CDs that they may not choose based on the title but instead based on the theme.  A title may not catch someone's interest whereas the theme "Family" may.  This person can then enjoy an excellent CD on the family.


3)  Bundling can help use titles left from previous orders without having to place an exchange.  Not exchanging and instead using the CDs in bundles means more people are listening to these titles. 


See the samples below.  (Some of the titles in these samples may no longer be available.  Just edit to the ones you have.)  Most of these can have a recommended donanation of 7/$25 in the USA (or adapt with 5/$25 in Canada).  Click for a copy of the labels below to easily adapt in a Word document for your titles and themes.   Click here for Advent and Lent labels.